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        The company actively carry out cleaner production audit work
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         In order to further implement the "People's Republic of China Cleaner Production Promotion Law", the implementation of the Changzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government 2016 annual work targets, improve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, according to the environmental protection department of Jiangsu Province issued "on the Jiangsu Province announced the twelfth batch of key enterprises in cleaner production audit notice list - Central Office (2016) No. 28". Changzhou Tianma Group Co., Ltd. (the original 253 building materials factory) was included in the 2016 annual list of key enterprises in Jiangsu province cleaner production audit.

        In this regard, Changzhou Tianma Group Co. Ltd. (the original 253 building materials factory) cooperation and advisory body, has established the clean production audit team within the company (day set word (2016) No. eleventh), in May 12, 2016 the implementation of cleaner production audit training implementation. Joint efforts in cleaner production audit team in the hope that the guidance of experts, clean production company and all the staff, the full implementation of the Ministry of environmental protection "on the further strengthening of key enterprises in cleaner production audit notice" (UNCED 2008 No. 60) spirit, actively carry out cleaner production audit work, is committed to energy saving and pollution reduction efficiency, further improve the management level of enterprises, the successful completion of the cleaner production audit task.

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